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Palazzo delle Miniere: A valuable building of late-Gothic architecture, built during the 15th century as the headquarters of the mining judge who supervised Primiero’s mines. It hosts ethnographic collections as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Casa Primierotta: On the ground floor of the “Canonega vecia” (Eng.: presbytery) of Pieve, there’s a reconstruction of a traditional old house of the valley. Inside you can see some old traditional pieces of furniture, such as the wooden stove (“stua”), a stone oven (“larin”) and a toiled oven (“fornel a musat”). Free entry.


Scopoli Palace – Casa del Cibo (Eng.: House of food): The Casa del Cibo is a meeting place for people, to meet each other, tell stories and discuss important topics together. Here past, present and future are told through the food, that is through Primier’s typical dishes.


Cataste & Canzei: Permanent exhibition of woodpiles with 26 art installations scattered around the historic center. The village of Mezzano has recently been included in the club of the “Più bei borghi d’Italia” (Eng.: The most beautiful villages in Italy).

I tabiadi de Medan (Eng.: The haylofts of Mezzano): Discover the a whole series of traditional haylofts, e.g. the Tabià del Rico, the Tabià dela Gemma and the Tabià del Checo.


Sentarte: Permanent exhibition of artistic benches scattered around the historic center of Imer.


El Troi dele s’cione – the path of legends: Permanent exhibition of wooden bas-reliefs inspired by local legends and stories. In the historic center.

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